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am a lady with traditional Chinese moral and value and modern thoughts, with high quality. i am full of love. i look rather calm apparently. but I have hot heart. i treat other with sincerity, i have good and broad mind.i treasure feelings. I love family most, they are precious treasure to me. i am a simple beautiful of inside and inner, loyal, honest,and kind friend, very independent and self-confident. i am looking for the extra special person to spent time with me who can enhance my life in lots of ways. i really believe that someone have will turn out to be the soft of person that might become a small(or large) part of my life, and who feels the same way about me.
i love travelling,music(60' 70's)dancing,concert,beach....if you are a gentleman,be healthy and optimistic, be honest and warm-hearted,be responsible and open-minded,well-educated and professional, good manner and easy going.....please come and enjoy my life.

PS: if you are under 44 years old,or over 56,Please don't connect me
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Westchester,  New York,  United States
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