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Always Daunt being rejected..I Fear of being Alone... but finally i just Conquered my Fear and Took Lessons. Now,im strong Enough to take Risk and Accept Challenges that i may Encounter... I've Got to know myself and Realized what's really Important to me.There is something great about knowing that my only Job is to be as happy as i can be about my Life , and feel as good as i can about Myself, and to Lead as Full and eventful life as i can..and Most Importantly i don't need to Scheme and Plot,or Beg anyone to Love me...i Hate it when people Scrutinize every little thing about me.. and there's absolutely nothing i can do about it... i just have to have a Good Sense of Humor about that whole thing.i sometimes Anticipate what other People might say and how this could Affect me....Important thing for me is to do my best to Maintain Relationship with the people i care about without Compromising who i am and what's important to me. Sometimes i want to Change. i want to become the person i wanna be.I Can't please everyone, there will always be talk as People try to fit me into the Mold of what they want me to be. I can't lose with a mindset like that. Obsessing about what others think of me would cause me to start believing that's who i am- and that's all i can be...
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