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I am a good hearted, down to earth guy. Passionate, intimate, loving, caring, giving kinda guy. Honesty Trust and Communication is the key to a great relationship. I am Looking for the same in a woman. I love to kiss, bigtime. I love Rock n Roll, new and old, easy listening and music about love when the mood is right too... Got an off the wall sence of humor, love to have fun, and also quiet times. Been around the block a time or 3, would love to find that special woman and get off these dating sites. I am like a big old teddybear/caveman/viking, and am passionate whats goin on in our world right now, wish we could all just get along, or at least stay outta everyone elses business, that would be nice, wouldn't it!!! I am a talker, brutal honesty, call it like I see it. Communication 50/50 110% I will tell you everything, cause I want to know everything, no manipulation, no BS, or hiden agenda's, no disrespect, always try to be respectful, be a man of morales and charactor, and I am a charactor. Lookin forward to meeting you in this dating go round, have fun, good luck and be safe!!!
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