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I am a pretty laid back guy who just goes with the flow and I know what i want still outta life and I know that I wanna share it with someone...Until that time comes I likie to hang out with my friends ride my quad and go horseback ridding and camping...I have a great personality and I try not to judge anyone because I hate being judged myself ...I look at it like this if ya like what you have seen and read so far nice late's chat, On the other hand if I said or look the way you dont like, Than go on about you're way and stay outta mine...I gotta big heart and dont get ticked off easy....I try to treat all equal and with an open mind...Like to have fun and I will try anything once ,twice if i like it..I hope to just makes some friends to hang with and see where it goes from there with someone ya know what I mean...Life is to short so live it to the fullest!!!!!
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ogba,  lagos,  Nigeria
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