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my name is shina sunday...I am finding my life taking many new directions, I am standing at the fork in the road & wondering if there is someone out there that would want to discover what is waiting ahead ?
Life has given me many experiences, the cliche "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger" often times seems to sum up many situations. But this is not a downer, this is more of a challenge for me. My strong work ethics, deep bond with my my little boy and open and generous heart would probably describe me in a nutshell. Of course there is much more to me but that is the fun and mystery of meeting new people.
All I really insist upon a new friend, companion, lover, is honesty. Never, ever lie to me. If you do I will have lost the one most important building block to any relationship; trust.
I love people as they are. It doesn't mean that each person remains in my life forever but it would be nice now to see if my "forever woman" is out there. You cannot love people in slices, we all bring good and not so good, that's what makes us all unique.
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