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About myself
I am a very active person that's why I have a lot of
interests. I like to travel. In my free time I like to read books
and to listen to music. I think that one of my main
qualities is optimism. I am sure that everything that is done is
done for better. I am sure that it could not be vice versa. I
always try to get hold of myself. And it always helps me to reach
my goals. I am very kind and always ready to help people. Outer
beauty is not what I search for, I see beyond what is visible to
the eye. The beauty I seek is from within, from the heart. I do not
search for a woman I can live with, I search for a woman I cannot live
without! Love isn’t finding the perfect person, it is seeing an
imperfect person perfectly! I am looking for a woman to be proud of,
to trust and to love!
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enugu south,  enugu,  Nigeria
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