Tips for Your First Date: Making a Great Impression
21 November 2021, 22:08

Just about everyone has heard that old saying about there being more than one fish in the sea, and this saying has been used more than a time or two about dating. Some of your friends or family may have told you that same phrase when a date didn't go so well or when you broke up with your significant other. The phrase is often used to remind people that there is hope that you still will find that perfect someone, and yet it can also be a great reminder about just why you need to make a great impression on your first dates. After all, with so many fish in the sea, your date also has plenty of people to choose from. If you want there to be a second, third, and more dates, you absolutely need to make an impression that is positive and lasting right from the get-go.

So just how can you make a great impression from that very first date? Here are some tips to help:

Step Out of the Mold. Just think for a minute how many dinner dates you have been on and how many movies you've seen with dates. These are the cliché things to do on a date, and if you fall into that cliché, you are far more likely to become just another date for this new person in your life rather than someone who he or she really remembers. Plus, stepping out of the mold on your date with a unique or interesting activity is also a great way to really have some fun on your date. A fun date is a memorable one, and on top of that, having fun with someone is a great way to help ensure they want to see you again for a second date.

So what are some ideas for stepping out of the mold? Well, likely as you two have gotten to know each other before your date, you have found that you have a few common interests. These may be things like mountain biking, watching comedy shows, hiking, and so much more. Really think outside the box here. If you can't necessarily enjoy an activity that you two both enjoy doing, think about some of the special events or shows that may be coming to town. The goal should be to find something to do together that has some meaning behind it or that expresses that you two really do share some common interests that can serve as the basis of developing a relationship.

Dress for the Occasion. You absolutely want to dress up a little for the date, but you also want to dress for the occasion. If your date is with someone who you see regularly, such as your neighbor in your apartment complex or a co-worker, chances are he or she knows exactly what you look like and they probably like what they see even without you trying too hard to impress them. However, when you make an effort to dress up just a little more, that can really be flattering to your date. Something as simple as spending a little extra time on your hair or wearing a touch more make-up for women, or taking the time to pick out a great shirt and wear just a dab of extra cologne for men can truly be endearing. It tells your date that you are really interested in them without you having to say a word.

While you want to dress just a little bit nicer than you normally would, you also want to dress for the activity that you have planned. Certainly spending extra time on your hair for a mountain biking date wouldn't mean too much. In fact, it may make you look fairly silly. So you may have to think outside the box to come up with a little gesture to show that you do care about how the date goes. Just don't go overboard as you don't want to appear to be desperate.

On the Date. How you act and what you say on your date is critical to having an enjoyable first date and making a lasting and positive first impression. First, you will want to be polite and use your manners. Avoid burping, scratching, and other such behaviors. Men should still show some chivalry by opening the door and pulling out the chair for their date. These things may be old-fashioned, but most women will absolutely find them to be endearing. Both men and women should make an effort to turn off cell phones, or at the very least not accept texts and calls during the date. You should also make an effort to keep your attention focused on your date. Your effort should be on keeping an engaging conversation going, and you should avoid a straying eye at all costs.

Make an effort for the conversation to be two-sided. You do want to share some things about yourself that your date may find interesting, and it can be helpful to prepare for your date by brainstorming a few things that you think are interesting about yourself that your date doesn't know yet. You should also make an effort to really get to know your date, and think about a few things you'd like to know about him or her before the date. For instance, if you know they did some charity work recently or just came back from a vacation, these are great things to bring up on your date.

On a first date, the conversation should be mostly pretty casual. You don't want to talk about your job drama, your family issues, past boyfriends or girlfriends, or anything else that may be of a personal or heavy nature. If your relationship progresses, there certainly will be a time and a place for sharing these things, but it can be overbearing and even intimidating or daunting for your date to have such heavy topics brought up on a first date.

Above all, you want to have fun and enjoy your date. You are no doubt nervous about the date, as is the person you are going out with. However, you should relax in the knowledge that your date is probably just as interested in pursuing a relationship with you as you are in them. So try to relax and enjoy this first date, seeing it as a time to get to know this person better and let them get to know you better, too. This is the first step in what could be a very meaningful relationship, and it should not be feared or stressed about!

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