Why Is She Dating Him?
10 November 2021, 16:17

We often see “the odd couple”, also known as the “frog hookups”. These are the gorgeous supermodel looking women you find walking through the mall holding hands with someone so ordinary his name should be Joe Schmo (no offense Joe). Everyone around the couple starts to stare with wonderment in their eyes and “Why is she dating him?” on their lips.

So what lesson can the ordinary Joe’s of the world take from observing these odd couples? Simply put, any ordinary Joe has a great chance of hooking up with a supermodel looking woman. It isn’t just a numbers game though. You first have to learn why hot women can fall for common guys and you have to apply what you know. This article will help you get started.

First, it is important to realize that gorgeous women are not blind, and you didn’t get an overnight promotion raising your looks from a +5 to a +10. So, if you are going to win a beauty for yourself you are going to have to work for it. Fortunately, everything you will need can be learned. And just like a blind person who overcompensates for his lack of sight by drastically improved hearing, you will have to overcompensate the GQ look with learned characteristics. A great way to get you started is to socialize more online.

Virtually all women are attracted to a guy who can make them laugh. Countless surveys have shown that the number one desired characteristic in the opposite sex is a sense of humor. Fortunately, you don’t have to qualify as a stand-up comedian to score high in the laughter department. You simply need to realize that being funny is a learned behavior – one that you can learn. Visit your local library or search online for books, articles, e-books, and other guides to help you learn the necessary skills for bonding with people through laughter. Learning to always be fun and spontaneous will go a long way for you.

Next, you need to learn how to be honest. If you want to learn how to attract and keep a supermodel woman you must become someone worthy of her trust. Always be faithful and honest with her. Many paths including: religion, yoga, and meditation all speak about the virtues of being honest with yourself and with others. The path to enlightenment is also a path to becoming a better you. It is a journey well worth the effort.

You need to look your best. Even if you are not Tom Cruise you can certainly work on having a neat, clean, attractive appearance. Clothes don’t make the man but they certainly can make you look more attractive. If you need help with your wardrobe, ask a friend who is a sharp dresser if he will offer you a few tips. Chances are your friend will be happy to go clothes shopping with you.

Women are attracted to confident men. This is not about being boastful or self- centered. Confidence comes from taking positive action but, before you take

action, you need to know enough about the subject in order to be able to handle it with confidence. Remember, you don’t have to be a know-it-all yourself. Just learning who to contact for the needed information or service can be enough to enable you to approach any problem with complete self-confidence. Always be willing to step forward with your confident solutions to satisfy her needs and you will win and keep her heart. Build your confidence by participating in free online dating forums.

Sometimes being contrary or using reverse psychology works. This is done by carefully avoiding all compliments about her appearance. Instead, concentrate on getting to know her mind. Learn how she thinks and processes information. Treat her like she is nothing special by teasing her in a way that makes her think you see her as not quite up to your usual standards of beauty. If she tells you she was a high school cheerleader, reply that you are happy she attended a high school that provides equal opportunities for everyone. Try running hot and cold with her where you show a friendly interest followed by a period of being aloof. Don’t push for or even hint that you have an interest in intimacy.

Keep an eye out for any unusual signals she may send that could signal you to move on instead. Some gorgeous women will date unattractive men so that they can always be the center of attention. Usually, these are not worth your time. Remember also that some women settle for less than they deserve after getting dumped. They intentionally choose someone further down the attraction ladder to avoid being hurt again. These can make for compassionate long-term relationships.

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