Top 10 Tips for Inexpensive Dating
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Let's face it, dating these daya can really put a drain on your wallet or purse. Especially, now that rising food prices are making five star restaurant tabs soar into the hundreds of dollars. Here are 10 tips for keeping love in your life and money in your pocket.

  • –  Take your date on a picnic. Spring, summer, and fall are great times to enjoy some fresh outdoor air and bask like two lions in the sunshine. “A loaf of bread, a bottle of wine, and thou” are great for several hours of fun! Bring a blanket, two pillows, and some romantic background music for a truly memorable occasion.

  • –  Go for an afternoon bike ride together. Pack a light lunch and be sure to bring along plenty of water. Leave the mp3 players at home.

  • –  Visit an art museum together and ask each other to imagine what the artist was trying to say with each painting.

  • –  Go fishing together! Fishing is a great way to spend hours of time together getting to know one another. Remember that some states require a license.

  • –  Clip coupons. Coupons offer fantastic savings such as 2 for 1 dinners, or other discounts often targeted at off-hours customers. In major cities purchase a copy of the Entertainment Book and use it to obtain great discounts. Check for discount offerings in your area. Remember that saving $100 on a new set of tires can go a long way toward purchasing a night out on the town.

  • –  Take a hike. All of the national and many state parks have nature trails where the two of you enjoy the great outdoors. Just remember that trails that wind down a mountain side will require you to walk uphill on the way back.

  • –  Contact your local college or university drama club to obtain a copy of their performance calendar. Attending free plays can be educational and fun. If you want to meet any of the cast members ask them for an autograph after the show.

  • –  Buy a watercolor set and two pads. Select a picturesque site and each of you paint your own interpretation of the scene. Frame the photos and hang them in the other persons home.

  • –  Enjoy a picture day together. Take your favorite pocket camera or even buy a disposable camera from the grocery store. Choose a dozen or so unusual locations and either ask strangers to take of photo of the two of you or if your camera has a timer set it and take the photos yourself. Then go home and upload the photos to Facebook or some other website and create a news story headline for each photo. Be sure to send links to both of your friends and invite their comments.

  • –  Always check your local newspaper's weekend section for special events. Many are free and almost any of them can be fun with the right date.

    Remember that cheap dates don't mean you are cheap. Instead, they are a great way to show that you are innovative, thoughtful, and creative. Best of all, cheap dating ideas are more about getting to know each other than anything else. That, after all, is the real purpose of dating someone.

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