Best Practices For Using
21 November 2021, 22:50

Yes, there really are ways you can greatly increase your chances for finding love online! Consider the following as a simple checklist for you to use in order to optimize the results you can achieve from your Free DateHookup profile.

1.   Take online dating seriously. Ever notice how many thousands of dollars advertisers put into making TV ads? They do this because advertising works! Your online profile is advertising only one product YOU! Get excited about yourself and take online dating seriously. You might just be completely surprised at the power of the Internet to deliver you into a great new life.

2.   Upload at least 5 profile photos! Not uploading a facial photo is the single biggest mistake people make. No face photo equals no results everytime. It's online dating! Who dates someone they can't even see? No one! Greatly increase your chances by uploading more than one photo. The first one must clearly show your face but others can be used to flatter other features. Each photo increases your odds so give it at least 5 photos!

3.   The online profile questionnaire is your friend, put it to good use. Yes, writing anything is a 4 letter word: work. But hard work makes for great success. Take the time to answer each question about yourself in sufficient details that your prospective mate can actually learn something about you.

4.   Use social media to further promote your online dating profile! The more you market your online dating profile the greater your chances of success. Get serious about it. It's simple to promote your Free DateHookup profile. Your unique webpage can be found at: and yes its as simple as that!

Visit your homepage and use your mouse to highlight the address in your browser address line. Then, copy your address by depressing the Command and C keys at the same time. Visit your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites. Paste your page into social media by depressing the Command and V keys at the same time. Then, just hit your return/enter key. The more places you promote your Free DateHookup profile the better. We also randomly select profiles and promote them via social media to help our users to be seen more easily.

College students don't forget to put a link to your dating profile on your college webpage. It's a simple way to point other students to the content you've already written about who you are interested in dating.

5.   Never waste your time and everyone else's time by using anything other than your face for the first profile photo. You may be the biggest fan of the New England Patriets ever but don't use their emblem as your first photo! If you really want to show your love for a team, make it the 5th photo you upload.

6.   Don't upload nude photos. Maybe you do look as good as Marilyn Monroe or Rock Hudson but leave some surprises for later. The old adage “dress for success” still holds true in spite of what Hollywood promotes.

7.   Take advantage of Free DateHookup's blog feature! Google, Bing, Yahoo and every other search engine index Free DateHookup every single day looking for new content to promote. Let these search engines find your dating blog and help you find people who share your interests. Yes, writing is work but anything worthwhile is worth doing your best at. Many people have become Internet famous writing blogs. Even if you don't become famous finding the soul mate of your life is certainly worth a bit of effort. You can't go wrong spending time writing a dating blog. What subject? Imagine your perfect match and write a story or description of that person.

8.   Use the websites features! Send winks, free gifts, chat online, and socialize on the website. These features are there to help your search. Use them.

9.   Enjoy your hunt! Half the fun of catching the big fish is trying different ideas until BINGO! Have fun with online dating and always follow what your instincts say to do.


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