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What's Free Date Hookup About?

Free Date Hookup has been online since 2009 and not a single user has ever paid a dime for having a profile with us.

We believe that a diverse Internet serving the needs of a wide-range of people provides better services for all. If you are making a 6 figure income and have lots of extra money available to waste there are lots of PAID online dating services that stand ready 24/7 to take your money. Sure, if you have money piling up in your bank account it makes sense to spend up to $100 monthly to have someone provide you with the latest software programming features plus user background investigations and so forth. They is always someone standing by to speak with you on the phone because, well you've paid for the salaries to do that job. Some dating companies are able to reduce their costs by sending most of the work offshore to 3rd world countries. Free Date Hookup is 100% USA based. Our employees, servers, and Internet connections are all made in the USA!

Free Date Hookup has always worked on a completely different model from paid dating sites. We are 100% FREE all of the time in every way to everyone! The only way we manage to keep the lights on is because we display advertising on our website. Without those revenues we couldn't serve you either. It's all simple economics.

If you are a cost conscious consumer, that includes rich, middle, and lower income brackets, you will find that Free Date Hookup provides a great deal of value to help you find true love. Some people are initially confused that the word Hookup in our name means that we are a “slam bam thank you mam” operation. People quickly learn, however, that our website contains NO adult language or images and it never will. We want to Hookup you with the soul mate and love that will last your entire lifetime.

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