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ouch! you hit me man. i'm just around d corner. listening to music i love. reminiscing d past & thinking what my future brings me. toss! are you gonna rescue me? or go on and leave me? do you know that it feels blue knowing you are two & knowing who is true? making you cry out and eat your heart out? well.. you can hurt a true heart as many times you want, it wont stop loving you! but if you cheat a true heart, it wont hurt you back or hate you. there will be no words left to say, yet the heart wud stop loving you and wud not dare to love you again. since 89th, Mocha live as a human. loves music a lot. either dance or sings with the beat. sometimes naughty, sometimes bitchy.always love to be loved, taken cared of and pampered as your lil baby in your arms. a lil bitter, a lil sweet, but oh so hot! so if you feel like having a cup of coffe, have me known to warm you. hit me venicebanwell at yeah who that cum .
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allen road,  Washington,  United States
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