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About myself
I grew up in New Hampshire and moved to Colorado about 7 years ago. I came to Colorado mainly for the weather,found it to be beautiful also. I enjoy being outside, taking walks, picnics or just laying in my hammock watching the stars while having a glass of wine or a margaritta. I enjoy watching movies, cooking a romantic dinner. I like a variety of types of music from some country to classic rock and I am a Jimmy Buffett fan, which makes me a parrothead. I also am a Jim Brickman fan (for those romantic times),which makes me a brickhead.
I have published a childrens book called "Jimmy Jaguar, a collection of stories" it can be viewed at Rosedog, I will gladly sign any book that is purchased.
I have a good sense of humor, my friends say I make them laugh, because I often speak my mind(sometimes my humor is on the sarcastic side, but not mean and sometimes gets me into trouble). LOL!!! I laugh at myself often, sometimes out loud, it makes other people question my sanity. LOL!!! Like Jimmy Buffett says "if we weren't crazy we would go insane".
In my mind I live on a tropical island, and snow is white sand (OK, very cold white sand). LOL!!!
I am very easy going (sometimes to a fault). I am not much of a sports fan, or am I real competitive (I will try to win, but I will accept loozing with dignity, except in strip poker that is embarrissing, LOL!!).
I am an animal lover (except I don't really care for rodents or snakes), although I currently only have 2 fish, animals seem to love me also. I like some animals more than some people. LOL!! A friend once told me before you get into a serious relationship see if your pet(s) like the person.
I have raised 2 stepdaughters from a very young age, who are now on there own, but we still stay in touch.
Please don't be the jealous type, because I have some good female friends that I'm not dating but just like to hang out with sometimes.
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