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About myself
Hello Sunshine,
hello queen am,I hope all is
well with you?Its really nice to be ur friend you and i must say it'as a
Let me tell you more about myself and family,
I am a single man for now my wife is having a peaceful rest three
years back{so sad
to say} and ever since then i had been single and searching,got one
son call BEKKY by name and he is 10 of age.he resides in his school
environment all because of the nature of my work travel
sometime on business and no one to take good care of him for me when i
am out for work,but i do go pay is visit on weekend days cause i
know he really need me by is side.
I was born in 1969 in Frankfurt Hospitals Located at 72 Holzhausenstr,Germany.
I was Born In Germany by a German Mother and an American Father . In
1969, i Graduated from Allg
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ogun,  ogun,  Nigeria
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