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Hello. My name is Raymond. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I'm 47, about 6'0" tall, and pretty much height/weight proportionate. I really can't explain my how I look. I think I was made to be handsome and ugly at the same time. That's the woman I'd like to meet, too-one who thinks she was made the same way-cursed and blessed at the same time in the looks department. I'm artistic, creative, down to earth, fun-loving, shy more often than not (depends on the situation though), am youthful, have a good sense of humor, am friendly, easygoing, and easy to get along with. I don't like drama, arguing, fighting, people who play mind games, liars, cheaters, drug addicts, gold diggers. I want to meet and hopefully, eventually get married to a woman who knows herself from a whole in the ground, who likes children, dominoes, traveling sometimes, rainbows, flea markets, yard/garage sales, thrift stores, malls, museums, partying sometimes, intimacy, cuddling, kissing holding hands when walking together, walking in the rain, is afraid of thunderstorms (like me), and believes in God and tries to live right, a woman who hates injustice, racism, bigots, people who brown nose to get along with others, fair weather-friend types, and gossipers. You must not be shy discussiing what you like and don't like sexually, have a sense of humor, be supportive when and where need be,preferably live in Minnesota or be willing to relocate. I heard that caucasion women are cool, laidback, easy to get along with, and exciting in bed. I will be good to you, do all I can to make the relationship work. Must be 50/50 though. I like painted nails, soft sexy perfume, a woman who believes in pleasing her man. I'm not selfish when it comes to pleasing my mate. Please, be sincere in your reply. All replies from whatever area are welcome and will be answered asap. If you're looking for a good man, why look any further? I'm right here. Let's get to know each other. You also must be marriage-minded. Contact info a must!
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