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I have experienced alot of lifes experiences. Good, Bad, Right,Wrong and indifferent. I appreiciate those experiences now that I am an older man- those bridges- some burnt but mostly I built , have helped to make me into the man, I am today.
I am z man that can appreciate a good love story on DVD; a spirtual improvement book by Pator T>D> JAKES or a self improvement book by Dr Phil. In my life experience, I have been a Jack of All Trades. From a pizza employee, Youth Counselor for Troubled youths, to working with the elderly and traveling on a train (an employee, not a train jumper) LOL. Looking back over all this was really hard work at the time but this experiences helped to make me.
My past Love experiences have left me somewhat drained. I anm notready to give up on LOVE or on finding The One. I have changed my strategy; Loving eyes don't always see. I am at a point in my life, where I'm in no rush to fall in love. Fools rush in where angels fear to go. I am looking for a slow and easy relationship. I don't expect a perfect person because I am not perfect- God is still working on me.
If you are ready for a mature, caring relationship feel free to drop by and say HELLO. Until then Peace And Happiness Follow You Always.
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